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Virtual data rooms for life science industries

Innovate Faster with a Virtual Data Room

The complex process of bringing a bio/pharmaceutical product, medical device or diagnostic tool from discovery to market is expensive, risky and time consuming. Simultaneously, the competitive landscape is getting more complex, and the FDA regulatory environment is becoming more demanding and rigorous. Life science professionals seeking an advantage in this fast paced industry use V-Rooms Virtual Data Rooms to streamline the secure exchange of confidential information.

The V-Rooms Difference

Whether you are an institutional technology transfer officer or a life science professional working within a corporation, you can use a data room to securely share documents with an unlimited number of people. After the documents are uploaded into a secure, centralized document repository, our Life Science Clients are able to may invite potential investors, researchers, partners and other team members, who may be located around the globe, to log in and have access to information in accordance with the permission settings that you have established for them.

As you review the subsequent real-time tracking reports, you can clearly determine exactly who uploaded each of the files and reviewed which documents. These reports provide you with useful and valuable marketing information and a compliant audit trail of the viewer's activity, an essential feature to have in the event that any dispute may arise in the future.

V-Rooms is completely customizable and is addressing the document intensive needs of the Life Science Industry. There is no need to try to squeeze into an inflexible system. Maybe it's time to think outside the traditional box and give us a call. We excel in solving age-old challenges with the next generation's solution.

Uses in the Life Science Industry


Virtual Clinical Trial eMTF Solution: We've created a special product for cloud based electronic trial master file (eTMF) collaboration and secure hosting designed to streamline document management within a clinical trial.

More info on our Virtual Clinical Trial eTMF Solution

Technology Transfer - Technology Transfer Offices inside educational institutions face the daunting task of needing to selectively share a vast amount of confidential information with potential licensing partners. This process must be closely guarded to prevent the unintended disclosure of valuable intellectual property. By assigning groups of documents to a security level, you can control who will have access to the information. Security levels are only one of the ways in which V-Rooms Virtual Data Rooms assists you in keeping your information secure. Visit our features page to learn about the multiple ways V-Rooms keeps you information secure.

Business Capital Raising - Given the current financial markets, the need for life science firms to raise capital is an ongoing task. As non-clinical research progresses and product development moves through numerous phases of testing and trials, the cash flow requirements increase substantially. Our V-Rooms program has assisted numerous companies in quickly raising capital with a proprietary online Private Placement Memorandum distribution and due diligence process.

Licensing and Due Diligence - Whether you are a biotech firm or medical device company, V-Rooms™ Virtual Data Rooms can help to accelerate the due diligence process, by providing potential licensing partners access to a well organized virtual data room. You are able to explore multiple partnership opportunities simultaneously, assess their interest and secure a competitive licensing arrangement in an expedited fashion.

Document Repository - Life science research projects may generate thousands of documents and files over a period of several years. A document repository is an integral part of an organization's information and knowledge initiatives. In today's world of global competition, smart organizations use these secure repositories for storage, collaboration and distribution of employees' and researchers' knowledge.

Board of Directors Reporting - The secure exchange of critical documents between an organization's board members, officers and shareholders is crucial. Too often, sensitive information is sent via email because of tight deadlines and pressing workload requirements. In order to keep this information strictly confidential and available 24/7 on an international scale, it may be desirable to set up the documents in a centralized database in an external virtual data room outside of the organization's information technology system. You can then be assured that only select individuals will have access to this information, because you are in total control of user access.

Key benefits for our Life Science clients include:

Features are what set V-Rooms™ apart from our other virtual data room competitors. Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward so you know exactly what you are paying for with no surprises.