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Virtual data rooms for lawyers

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An extranet is a cloud based network that allows controlled document sharing outside an organization’s firewall and may be viewed as a secure extension of an organization's internal computer network to external users, such as clients, experts, accountants and other attorneys. With an extranet, utilizing virtual data room technology, you are able to set-up workspaces or "rooms" for different matters. Then, you can provide controlled access to folders and files within that workspace based upon varying permission criteria that dictates the functionality available to each user.

Attorneys - Client Extranet

Use your "Client Login" feature at no cost to convert your static website into an interactive tool for capturing new clients and serving existing clients more effectively by simplifying communication. Broaden your delivery of legal services, thereby enlarging your potential client base. When a client matter arises, we will set-up a secure data room specifically for your client's information and arrange pass-through billing.

Don't use Email, Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud to exchange confidential files!

5 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Use a Client Extranet

Some of our Client Matter Examples Legal Case Study
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Our V-Rooms™ have become the solution of choice for managing the online exchange of critical documents solving some of the key document management and distribution challenges facing law firms and corporate counsel today.

Key Benefits for Attorneys:

  • Make confidential information available to outside counsel, clients and other parties.
  • Maintain thousands of documents generated during legal proceedings and transactions.
  • Rapidly upload and bulk download documents and files for review.
  • Perform full text searches on documents quickly with our Boolean logic search feature.
  • Control who views, edits, prints and saves files with access permission to the file level.
  • For administrative or forensic purposes, a complete audit trail of all actions is generated.
  • Watermark each page with the time, date and identity of the person accessing information.
  • Maintain calendars and events which may be downloaded to MS Outlook.
  • Share contact information for key people for instant communications.
  • Use Email Alerts to automatically notify parties of changed or new information on a matter

Pricing is what sets V-Rooms™ apart from our competitors. Our packages start at only $99 per month. Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward so you know exactly what you are paying for with no surprises.

V-Rooms can be Utilized for a Variety of Projects

V-Rooms™ is leading the paradigm shift... virtual data rooms are no longer just for large transactions. Our virtual data rooms offer an affordable, secure way to create client portals for a variety of legal projects and cases.

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