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V-Rooms™ Board Portals are designed for public, private and non-profit organizations worldwide with boards that may be geographically dispersed in global markets. Regulatory scrutiny has increased; the pace of board work has quickened; and the need to manage information flow more effectively, efficiently and securely has risen. V-Rooms™ Board Portals provide directors with a secure global solution.

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Corporate governance and accountability are becoming increasingly more complicated. Corporate boards, audit committees, executives and outside consultants generate and share highly sensitive information relating to topics such as strategic alliances, potential acquisitions, compensation and litigation, just to name a few. Currently this information may be distributed through different unsecured channels that fail basic security requirements and may represent potentially serious compliance or organizational issues.

The V-Rooms™ Virtual Board Portal provides your board of directors with a highly secure, simple and organized cloud-based environment to manage boardroom communications. This is essential in today's highly mobile and regulated environment where board directors in global locations create logistical challenges for the directors themselves, as well as those individuals responsible for administering boardroom activities.

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View a Sample Board Portal

View a sample Board Portal
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Key Challenges Faced by Corporate Boards and Audit Committees

  • Data breaches pose substantial risks to directors, executives and corporations.
  • Accessibility by directors in various locations, even internationally is difficult.
  • Board books and minutes must be developed, compiled and distributed quickly.
  • Traditional document distribution methods are unsecure, time-consuming and costly.
  • Accelerated decision-making ability is a necessity in today's fast-paced environment.
  • Communication systems, internal to the corporation, may inadvertently provide access to insider information.

Why Use a V-Rooms™ Virtual Board Portal?

Accessible and Available

  • Centralized, secure repository ensures immediate, secure access 24/7, anytime... anywhere.
  • Full-text search provides access to current and historical information and documents.
  • Online voting, acting by proxy and ad hoc meetings accelerate decisions.
  • Strict multi-level access controls ensure document confidentiality and protection.
  • SOX-compliant audit trail reduces risk of exposure and news leaks.

Document and Information Security

  • Documents are delivered directly to the authorized recipients, without any intermediate steps.
  • Secure file sharing system replaces unsecure emails, faxes and overnight courier document distribution.
  • Indelible marking of the documents with static or dynamic watermarks.
  • Administrators determine downloading, saving or printing permissions.
  • Eliminate the risk of losing control over files and inside information.
  • Prevent illegal use of insider information and intentional interceptions (industrial espionage).

Benefits - Cost and Time Savings

  • Subscriptions based on data storage amount with unlimited users.
  • No up-front investment in consultants, software or hardware.
  • No installation or training is required for the organization or users.
  • Program is set-up and operational within hours.

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